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Daily Devotionals for Men and Women

Pocket Size Books to Reference During The Day
All books are 4 by 7

Know Your Enemy, A Christian is Never Desperate and The Trial of the Mind are pocket-size devotionals filled with information to help you face the day. These books were designed as referral sources for you to use throughout the day to give you encouragement, refreshment and strength to fight life’s battles. These books are reminders that you can win at life. Life is not something that you bare then you die. Life is a passage of time to be lived in joy and happiness with God at the helm. These devotionals will keep your mindful of your responsibilities to God and your responsibility to yourself and to your family. Your family will benefit from your diligence. You should not only purchase these books for yourself you should purchase these books as a gift for a friend or a relative. Eventually they will tell you how much they appreciated your gift.

Know Your Enemy

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There is a force, a negative force that seeks the destruction of man. We come face to face with it all too often. We see it on the news when crooked lawyers take desperate people’s money, giving them empty promises that their homes will not be foreclosed. We see it when family members turn on each other over jealousy and longstanding grudges. We witness it whenever someone is rude to a service person at a restaurant, simply because they had a bad day. Whatever name you want to ascribe to it, there is a negative force at work in the world and we need to understand it in order to combat it.

Your best friend or a family member will appreciate a copy of this book. Keep this book with you at all times. You will find referencing the scriptures will help you throughout the day. These scriptures will reinforce your faith and sustain you. It is important that we continue to encourage ourselves in our walk with God. It is important that we continue to read, study, and meditate so that in times of trouble we will not falter. Instead we will gird our loins and stand for right, not evil, which is what every Christian is called to do.

Softcover 4″ x 7″, 148 pages|ISBN No:

A Christian Is Never Desperate

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A You can be victorious over adversity!

A Christian acts and lives by faith. God always has a miracle for you. He gives you the facts you need to make important decisions to be successful, and to overcome mediocrity. “A Christian is Never Desperate” is another one of our pocket sized devotionals that you can keep in your car, in your purse, or at work whenever you need to reach for something that will strengthen you to fight the day. When a problem strikes, when the horizon looks gloomy and grey, it is not time to despair. It is not time to act as if there is no hope. It is time to tell the storm that God is with you, and there is nothing to fear.

Softcover 4″ x 7″, 206 pages|ISBN No:


The Trial Of Mind

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The news inundates us with gloom and doom. There is no hope for tomorrow because everything is going to crumble in around us. A financial crisis sweeps the globe and now we are all heading straight for the soup kitchen. Life has become dreary, and all that we can expect is meat and potatoes.
Wake up! It is not time to feel sorry for ourselves or resign ourselves to our “fate.” Make your own fate! Listen to God and let him be the forecaster for your life. But how do we drown out what the world is telling us? How do we equip ourselves with the armor of the lord, so that our minds remain steadfast in an uncertain world? The “Trial of the Mind” is yet another pocket sized devotional to help you do just that.

Softcover 4″ x 7″, 157 pages|ISBN No:

It takes courage to live. It takes belief in the future and believe in others for a person to live a happy and fulfilling life. To live this fulfilling life every one needs encouragement from time to time. One minute of encouragement can change a person’s life. This is why believe these book are important. The books are filled with situations demonstrating situations of valour and success.


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